22 April, 2004

is this thing on?

I made a resume today and applied for an office job at the co-op. They don't say they're hiring, but maybe I'll get lucky. I'm giving up on the theater. Now that they have me working at cashier (sitting down), I realize how much standing up for an eight-hour shift was killing me. Plus, it's the right time to leave the theater anyway. T. just moved back to the vineyard, and M. quit for a job selling jewelry.

The house is shaping up nicely. We get our sixth person in this week, so my rent will only be $265, which is good, 'cuz that's about how much I make at the theater. :) I hooked up the dryer yesterday, but we don't have a hose, and the washer still doesn't work because the drain is clogged. I can see how people enjoy this whole 'home upkeep' thing. It really feels productive to work on your house, even if it's actually the landlord's.

I'll write something more interesting later. Peace and love to all you folks I haven't seen in ages and have fun in DC if you're going down there. Oh, and SA- I listed you as a reference for the co-op.

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