09 December, 2004


I watched Control Room last night, a documentary about al-Jazeera. In an odd moment, a reporter interviewed what he considered an "activist" and his producer considered an "analyst" and they had a disagreement over the merits of the interview. The activist/analyst was none other than Jeffrey Steinberg, a leading Larouchie. I guess this is how the Larouchies insinuate themselves into respected positions abroad.

This city has so many members of the "LaRouche Youth Movement" that it's sad and scary. I like talking to them, though. I started an e-mail conversation with one, and it was fascinating to me how defensively he kept insisting that he makes decisions and judgments for himself, when I never said he didn't. Another one of them sadly sulked at an anti-war demonstration: "I haven't opened anyone's mind today..."

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