08 June, 2005

Food for thought

Check out Jean Friedsky's story at the NarcoSphere on the differences between the street battles in Bolivia which forced another president to resign and what she remembers from American protests:

Here, "the revolution" is anything but a party. Dancing hippies, drum circles and four-story high puppets are notably absent from the recent mass mobilizations that have rocked Bolivia for the past two weeks. There are no breaks for concerts, no hemp clothing for sale.

When I think about disciplined forces in American politics, it is often the negative impression of "party discipline" in the RCP or other marxist parties. But here Jean (and in the comments section, Al) offer another model of discipline: the discipline of the Zapatistas and the Aymara, who are fighting to "WIN", as Al puts it. Are drum circles holding us back? Is puppet theater just a fun distraction? Does the Aymara model translate to American politics?

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