16 April, 2004

I work in an enormous glass building, and for several weeks the area around the base of it has been a wasteland while some guys with incredibly fun-looking jobs work on it (these same guys get to RAPPEL DOWN THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING as part of their job. And here I am in this damn cubicle). This morning the entire area was suddenly covered with sod, which is delivered in giant rolled-up mats resembling Swiss cake rolls. In a single day this area went from ugly wasteland to green lawn. This really brings home the very superficial nature of Nature in the city - we've reduced it to mere cosmetic drapery. I almost wish they would make the things out of green plastic - at least it would be more honest. Eventually our hubris and our disdain for Nature is going to come around and bite us on the ass. Then I will laugh. Then I will look for some herbs to make a linament for my ass.

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