22 April, 2004

(insert impotent cry of rage)

I hate science in this country. Specifically I hate pharmaceutical research. Recently someone discovered that turmeric can treat the most common cystic fibrosis variant, CFTR F508. Apparently some component of turmeric helps the mutant CFTR protein make it to the cell membrane and do its job. How do the researchers respond?
"[C]urcumin and curcumin derivatives represent promising new candidate compounds that may prove useful in the search for small-molecule pharmacotherapies for cystic fibrosis and for other protein-folding diseases"
Or, you could JUST EAT THE GODDAMN TURMERIC! Damn capitalism...

Of course, I might be biased, coming from a culture where people eat turmeric every damn day anyway. At least this answers my girlfriend's question. ("What's the point of adding this stuff? It doesn't even taste like anything.")

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