15 April, 2004

Okay, first check this out.

Now, I know this is going to rattle some cages, but... what the hell is wrong with those European leaders? Basically they're saying, "No, you keep terrorizing us, because we won't stop attacking Muslim countries." Is it Opposite Day, or something? That sort of reaction is a bit absurd - just because your enemy insists on something doesn't mean you need to refuse. They needn't even accept the offer tendered, they could simply emphasize that they are not interested in attacking Muslim countries. Also this "we don't bargain with terrorists" crap that the Japanese prime minister pulled last week... what the fuck? No one in Japan but for some cynical realpolitik jerks wants to be in Iraq; innocent people's lives are directly in your hands. Bargain, goddamnit.

International politics seems like so much macho posturing. Castration should be a requirement for high political office. Then machismo will cease to be an issue.

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