23 April, 2004

the worst sexist assholes are women

At least it seems that way. Or maybe it hurts more when it comes from women. I was an undergrad at Caltech, where the male to female ratio when I was there was roughly 3 to 1. Women got a lot of this crap:

"She's dumb, and she only got into Caltech because she's a woman."

It was mostly women, to my recollection, who'd say stuff like that. Then there'd be things like: I would do math homework with a guy friend and a girl friend. I'd solve the math problem first. When the guy gave up trying to solve the problem, he asked for help and I explained my solution. Then when the girl gave up on the math problem, she asked the *guy* for help and completely ignored me even though it was me who had originally solved the problem.

Anyway, I'm angry about this again because in a current discussion between Caltech alums, the women are doing the same stuff again and assuming women are inferior and that for a school like MIT to have a 50/50 ratio it must automatically mean that MIT lowers the bar for women.

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