27 May, 2004

The Dark Continent

Growing up I remember all the furor over "killer" bees, a dangerous, aggressive breed of bee that was slowly migrating up from South America, and would soon be overrunning the United States and killing small children as they played in their backyards. These bees were also called "Africanized" bees, because they were hybrids between an African strain and a European strain.

The racial politics in all of this should be obvious: the threat of migration/invasion from the south, the danger of miscegination, the tie between "killer", "aggressive" and "African". It's really pretty amusing, in a cartoonishly-racist sort of way.

That said, I give you the African clawed frog, an "aggressive" breed of frog that is going to overrun San Francisco and is threatening the ecosystem there. Honestly, there must be a back room where people plan these things.

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