27 May, 2004

No clucking way

Okay, these two are both 9.9 on the Weird-Shit-O-Meter.

To start off light (but bizarre), there's this old story that I picked up thanks to the Boondocks, about an incident where Condi Rice, at a dinner with some high-ranking New York Times types, let slip the following:
Rice was reportedly overheard saying, “As I was telling my husb—” and then stopping herself abruptly, before saying, “As I was telling President Bush.”

Now, I don't seriously believe that Condi Rice and Bush are secretly married, but then again, I KIND OF DO! I mean, wouldn't that explain a whole lot of things? Their apparent closeness? His desire to protect her from public scrutiny? The fact that no one could seriously be married to Laura Bush for so long? And when you think about it, that sort of thing is exactly what the Republicans would want to hide... I mean, what self-respecting conservative racist would tolerate a misceginating president?

But, that's not NEARLY as weird as THIS huge bombshell:
"Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through his Information Collection Program (ICP) information to provoke the United Sates into getting rid of Saddam Hussein," said an intelligence source who was briefed on the conclusions of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

In other words, that whole Iraq War thing? That occupation? That was the IRANIANS setting us up! HOLY COW! And all this time we thought it was a neo-conservative grab for oil and power!

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