13 May, 2004


I am so disgusted that I can't really convey it in words. If somehow I could vomit onto this blog it might convey the depths of my disgust.

I'm disgusted by self-righteous back-patting (e.g. here)over our wonderful democracy. Why is democracy so great? Because, after we killed 10,000 civilians and tortured hundreds of others, some of us feel bad about it. Gee fucking wowie. Thank god for democracy, where we pause and say, "Huh, that wasn't so nice," after committing the same crimes as our favorite enemies. Our glorious leader refuses to apologize for the crimes of his intelligence agencies, but will wax melodic about how wonderful it is that people are making inquiries into "what went wrong". And here I imagined that the laudable goal would have been a society that didn't birth such evil mischief in the first place. Will someone tell me what school of morality condones the slaughter of 600 civilians as a punitive measure?

What's especially appalling is that the level of outrage is really NOT that high, if people can still praise the virtues of America after all this. Even a generation ago My Lai turned stomachs, but I heard nary a peep over the comparable level of slaughter in Fallujah.

May the wrath of God quickly wipe this sorry excuse for a nation off the face of the planet, and may the mere memory of its name forever inspire the same disgust I feel right now.

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