26 July, 2004


The DNC is upon us. The traffic nightmare doesn't seem to have manifested yet, although we'll see tonight when I go home how bad it is. They're shutting down 93 South from 4pm to 1am, a timing I can't quite fathom (do terrorists only work the late shift?). I suspect they might have different timing for 93 North, because a coworker reported that his friend couldn't go that way last night.

The protests (which I haven't been to yet) are apparently sparesely attended. I saw the Globe picture of Sunday's ANSWER march, complete with the usual bewildering array of signs. If anyone was wondering why the protestors are there, that picture should answer it for them: "We have no fucking idea."

Anyway, I can at last answer the great question of why the capitalist system remains in place: because shiftless people like myself cop out and don't do anything to develop something exciting in the months preceding the convention. My cup runneth over...with guilt. But I'm not going to pretend I'll do better next time.

I'm lazily debating with myself whether I should get my drum and go out in the street, or whether I should just stay at work and do a human/dog/mouse genome alignment.

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