16 July, 2004

Obesity rant #3 of ...

Okay, if you've been reading the news you knew this was coming.

Apparently some faplap at the DHHS decided that Medicare should cover obesity as a disease. This means two things:
  • Since federal insurance now covers obesity as a disease, private insurers are likely to follow eventually.
  • Now that obesity is a disease, a whole spate of treatments will suddenly become profitable.

An even bigger dickhead made this statement:
The Department of Health and Human Services said a first step would be a look at obesity surgery like stomach bypasses.
How in the name of God can we have arrived at this state? It's really a sad commentary on our civilization that we can't look this problem in the eye, and instead resort to recommending unnecessary surgery.

As usual the Onion is incredibly prescient.

Meanwhile another blow is struck for the forces of capitalism. If anyone on the stock market is paying attention, this means GSK should get valued up.

Terribly disappointing. The rest of you, as a public service, next time you see a tanker carrying high fructose corn syrup, run it off the road. GSK might go down a few points, but it'll be worth it.

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