04 September, 2004

I had this weird dream last night.

Saurabh plotted some activist shenanigans, involving cardboard boxes that were decorated with some anarchist/ political messages. He gathered a bunch of us together in the middle of the night and paired us off, instructing us to put these cardboard boxes on lampposts around town, and then creating general havoc somehow if we dared. I was paired with a toddler.

While the toddler was cute, his ability to help me out with these shenanigans was dubious at best. I was dubious of the plans to create general havoc. Everyone else biked off to complete their mission, and I was left with this toddler who didn't have his own bike. I wondered how I was going to transport him on my own bike. Would it be safe for him to ride on the bar in front of my seat? Would he fit into my basket?

Somehow it came up that this toddler owned a CAR though he couldn't drive. So one possibility was that I could drive his car and we would carry out our mission together. I couldn't find out from the toddler where his car was though.

Reflecting on this, I wasn't annoyed in the dream about being stuck with the toddler. I love toddlers and miss my little cousins. I was delighted to spend time with the toddler, and my feelings in the dream revolved around being protective of the toddler and worrying about him getting hurt during our mission.

Anyway, wtf...

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