15 September, 2004

September 11th Retrospective

A bit late with this, but what can you do?

Okay, revisiting Conspiracy Alley, here:

I read a bit today about the former head of the ISI, Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad, who apparently ordered $100,000 wired to Mohammad Atta via Saeed Sheikh (later convicted and sentenced for killing Daniel Pearl) over a period of time, some of it quite soon before the attacks. This information came via Indian intelligence to the FBI, who confirmed it and apparently put pressure on Musharraf, since Ahmad (along with others) was subsequently sacked and now seems to be under house arrest.

Even MORE interesting was that Ahmad was in town Sep. 4-11th and had meetings with some top people, including Sen. Bob Graham, Powell, and Sen. Porter Goss, Bush's new CIA appointee. In fact, he was having breakfast with Goss ON Sep. 11th when Goss got news of the attacks! Holy shit! That seems just a LITTLE high on my weird-shit-o-meter.

A Pakistani newspaper snidely comments on Sep. 10th that the last time an ISI head was in Washington for this long having secret meetings with head-honchos, there was a coup in Pakistan. Does the U.S. run ISI? It's a pretty safe bet the ISI is running a number of Islamist terrorist organizations, e.g. Jaish-i-Mohammed, Laskhar-e-Taiba, et al. Is the U.S. beating its own sock puppet in this whole "War on Terrorism" thing?

I'll leave the obvious statements about 9/11 unsaid.

Holy SHIT am I cynical.

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