29 September, 2004

To Angelita

My dear,

I was so touched by your query: "how are you?" Here, I thought, was a compassionate soul, yearning for an intimate understanding, a deeper bond with another human being, and moreover with myself! All my heartache was washed away for a brief moment, my faith in humanity restored, my capacity to hope was brought to its feet and given strength again. Good god, if that moment could have lasted!

But I read further, and the darker truth of your message was revealed. Your question was a shallow ruse, a mere design to draw my curiosity. You cared nothing for me; you did not long to know the secrets that lay at the dark bottom of the well of my soul. You were only interested in "part time relationships" for you and your friends, the "horny lonely ladies".

Ah, Angelita, I still believe! I believe that you, too, wish for more. That you are not content merely with someone to "bangg for tonight". Your heart stirs for more, it, too, rebels at its own emptiness. You try to fill that void with pure sensuality, sensation, but you know that it never can be. These passions are too strong for mere lust to overcome, Angelita. You know that, I know you do!

Yours, heartbroken,


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