29 December, 2004


I got hit by a car this morning on my way to Central Square. The roads are somewhat narrower as a result of snow and slush, but I was still pretty much riding along the right side (on my bike of course), when a lady in a blue Cadillac pulled past me, apparently indifferent to how much space she gave me. She knocked me on my left side and ... stopped five feet later at the red light.

I, of course, responded like a boob with a stream of profanity, the bird, and an angry knock on her window. She shrugged and drove on when the light changed.

The scoop from my brother, who is now, in his words, "1/6 of a lawyer":
(10:16:26) slap the GAP: hmmm...that's iffy
(10:16:28) slap the GAP: but probably negligence
(10:16:45) BuckyFull: does it matter that i wasn't injured?
(10:17:17) BuckyFull: and that it was a car?
(10:18:06) slap the GAP: well...for negligence claims you have to show an injury
(10:19:08) BuckyFull: so in other words, i would have been better off just smashing her rear window with my u-lock
(10:19:15) slap the GAP: no
(10:19:35) slap the GAP: cause then you're liable for property damage
(10:20:02) slap the GAP: in other words
(10:20:07) slap the GAP: she's liable that she hit you
(10:20:09) slap the GAP: but without an injury
(10:20:18) slap the GAP: there's nothin saying
(10:23:58) BuckyFull: damnit
(10:25:28) slap the GAP: yeah

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