07 December, 2004

My triumphant return

If anyone cares to know why I was gone (an unlikely story), I profer the following excuses:

  • I was dead at the time.
  • I was really busy with work, completing a project relating to conservation scoring.
  • I've been reading a bunch of other blogs, including the lukewarm liberal alternative hippopotamus, the astute Dave Neiwert, the something Tiny Revolution, and my hands-down favorite, Oil War, which I like so much I linked to it. I've also been occassionally reading Michael Berube's blog, which my roommate is fond of, but I find his extraordinary wit and sharp, ironic humor all the more galling because of the stupid things he says with it.
  • I have been thinking a lot about the election and the responses to it. "Which I will write about shortly, as soon as I get it all figured out," I have been telling myself for weeks.

However, some of you will note that all of this did not prevent me from ranting on peace-discuss. So really, I have no excuse at all.

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