02 January, 2005

A mighty blow

A little late, I learn that Al Pieda took not one, but two shots at Ann Coulter while she was speaking at the University of Arizona. Zack and Phil (the Al Pieda henchmen) are apparently facing assault charges, as well as $6000 in damages (the pie whacked a muslin scrim, which apparently cannot be cleaned). I think they should take up the "JESUS CHRIST IT WAS A FUCKING PIE YOU STIFF-NECKED ASS-WIPES" defense. Ought to work. If not, they can take up the "It's Ann Coulter - can you seriously tell me YOU don't want to pie her?" defense.

If you are more manganimous than I, you can donate to their defense fund. But better to donate to tsunami relief - Bob Harris has some pretty good links in that department.

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