02 February, 2005


I am slowly starting to realize that I am caught in a trap called MIT. Almost all my friends are from MIT. Everyone I've dated or been interested in dating went to MIT. Upwards of 90% of my roommates have been MIT alum.

And that's not all - everyone ELSE I know is good MIT material - you know, strong intellectual streak, geek-hip, droll sense of humor.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing - I surround myself with these people because I happen to genuinely like them. But it does present a conundrum: are normal people boring? I have no idea! I've never met one.

Proposal: a cultural exchange program. Intellectual blowhards like myself (or, preferably, one of my friends) swap places with someone from an alien subculture (hipster, b-boy, jock, etc.). The two make a genuine attempt to connect and see if there's any possibility of intermeshing. A proposition fraught with peril, I know, but it might be worthwhile. On the other hand, maybe I should just stick with what I know is good...


MIT is awesome! I wouldn't be worried if I were you. I would be spending more time with my friends. And yes, normal people are boring.

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