01 March, 2005

Egyptian Democrapcy

If, like me, you're annoyed by all the effusions of praise over Hosni Mubarak's magnanimous and important steps towards democracy, you should read Abu Aardvark, who is doing a pretty good job throwing some cold water on that particular fire. Juan Cole also gives it brief mention, pointing out that Mubarak gets to decide which parties can run, and will not be allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to field candidates. I'm extremely suspicious of Mubarak's purported reforms (described here in reasonable detail), especially since not a month ago he jailed Ayman Nour, leader of a prominent opposition party (al-Ghad) and a strong advocate for democratic reforms in Egypt. Funny that Bush is putting the thumbscrews on Syria while patting Mubarak on the back, and meanwhile the latter is putting the thumbscrews on Ayman Nour.

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