31 March, 2005

I'm not cut out for this gig

I've been blogging pretty steadily for about a year, now. I think I'm really bad at it. I treat ideas like precious jewels, to be hoarded and kept to myself and not shared with everyone else. On rare occasions I might want to show one off, to provoke a reaction from someone, to learn from the glint in their eyes. But that doesn't really happen on blogs (or in real life, either) - we're all relucant to open our mouths. I think maybe we're all worried about revealing what we have hidden there, under our tongues. Is it really a jewel, or were we mistaken? Is it just a hardened piece of clay? Why make that test? It's a jewel as long as I know it is, and no one tells me otherwise.

All of which is to say: forgive my intermittences. I am indulging my ego. I am relishing my opals.

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