10 March, 2005

Occupation and elections

I'll admit it. Lebanon is hard. So many characters* to try and unravel - Maronites, Druze, Palestinian refugees, Shi'a militants, Syrians, Israelis, French, Americans - each with their own damn military force. And constantly-shifting alliances. So much intrigue it's almost salacious. Juan Cole is helpful - he dropped some history on me. I'm trying to cope and keep up.

But this just blows my mind:
[U].S. President George W. Bush... told an audience in Washington this week that Syria must withdraw all of its troops from Lebanon before parliamentary elections in May.

“All Syrian military forces and intelligence personnel must withdraw before the Lebanese elections for those elections to be free and fair,” he said.
Does this mean that Bush openly acknowledges that the January 30th elections in Iraq, which were held under occupation with American military forces and intelligence personnel sprawled across the country, were NOT free and fair?

Well, I'm going to pretend he did, anyway.

*No, I haven't read "Gravity's Rainbow", yet, though I easily handled the cast of "The Brothers Karamazov".

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