22 April, 2005


Perhaps all of y'all knew about this already, but apparently Congressman John Conyers has a blog. And he WRITES IT HIMSELF! No frickin' Kerry-style "blog" written by pimple-faced interns here. We get it straight from the Congressman's mouth. Now that's a cool politician. (And here you thought I would never use the phrase "cool politician".)

Anyway, I found this via A Tiny Revolution, who commented on the Baker-Carter commission on electoral reform. Conyers is rightly appalled that Baker (who played a prominent part in the 2000 Florida debacle and is extremely close to the President's family) is considered a credible party to lead this commission. He talks about his discussions with the director of the commission (Dr. Robert Pastor) on his blog, and encourages us to e-mail the gent with our thoughts on electoral reform. If you've got a spare moment, you could tell him a thing or two.

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