21 April, 2005

Dinosaurs alive

The origin of the Nazi/evolutionist connection theory seems to be one Dr. Kent Hovind, a "creation scientist", who has even earned the ire of other Christians over his idiocy. But Dr. Hovind isn't all bad! He's also the creator of an awesome theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land, where you can learn about how dinosaurs and humans lived together in the Garden of Eden, how Noah's flood formed the Grand Canyon, and other such goodness. Dinosaur Adventure Land is, of course, in Florida, where there is apparently some sort of rift in the fabric of normality these days.

Reminder: we DO live in the twenty-first century. But, like I said below... we're perfectly capable of backsliding. Me, I'm looking forward to a nice Dark Age. Should be more entertaining than this blegging crap.

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