26 April, 2005

Knowledge, get lost!

Saurabh was just pondering how knowledge gets lost. We recently saw a government agency try to lose some knowledge. But today, it snuck out.

Now we can see why Homeland Security doesn't want to know how many terrorist attacks took place last year, just as the Global War on Terror matured. Short answer: a more than 200 percent rise. It's a lot like how the religious right claims to be fighting against abortion, but their tactics (including abstinence-only education and opposing contraception) seem to correlate with increased abortion rates.

With success like that, I hope Washington will declare war on orgasms. And chocolate ice-cream. And piles of kittens asleep on the sidewalk. I promise, if you censor your success rate, I promise not to tell.

Update: As usual, the clip-art people get it righter than me, faster, and funnier.

Update2: It looks like the numbers are coming out, not just through leaks, but through a new agency. So - um - never mind this posting. Except for the part about a war on orgasm, which is a very good idea.

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