20 April, 2005

Too fast

So this one time I was in Death Valley for a week and I come out to Vegas and it's just about New Years and the radio is nothing but news about someone named "Peterson" or "Petersen" or something and I have no idea what they're talking about. Suddenly, everyone knew something that I simply didn't know. It happens.

It's the same feeling I just got by looking at Americablog. Am I the only one who didn't know that RatzingerBenedict XVI was Hitler Youth. He is pro-gay-basher, but he wouldn't let his anti-gay bias get in the way of defending gay men when they happen to be pedophile priests.

So -- am I late to the game? Or is this one of those collections of knowledge that will never make it above the choppy sea of data, into the clear air of, you know, Michael Jackson and the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry?

(There was a time when being outed as a Nazi got you ejected from polite company. No more. Forget seems finally to have won its race with forgive.)

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