25 May, 2005

Obligatory Sith review

Okay. I admit: I saw the Star Wars movie last Friday night. It was terrible. Nuts to George Lucas. Christopher Lee dies in the first five minutes. Nothing about it makes any sense in terms of characters or plot.

One thing I will note: everything conservative blogs are saying about this movie is true. There ARE ham-handed comparisons between Palpatine/Anakin and Bush and Sith/Republicans. They ARE slimy and pointless and worthless jibes. They're EXACTLY in the same vein as Fahrenheit 9/11, and Lucas' joking reference to Moore's statement ("Maybe the film will waken people to the situation.") is apt and equally wrong. This is a partisan statement. If you agree, you will agree. If you disagree, you will disagree. No minds will be changed because of it. And it will turn your stomach if, like me, you hate people who gleefully engage in this kind of pointless jousting. You are not contributing to the dialogue, George. You're just adding more noise.

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