24 May, 2005


Do wolves have religion? When they congregate under the light of the moon, is it for midnight mass? When they send their howls up into the clear, dark sky, are they singing ancient hymns, passed down from one generation to the next?
        "Hail, silver goddess, on your circuit of the sky.
We make ourselves your supplicants.
Bless us, o goddess,
that we may carry your pale light in our eyes."
When dogs howl at the moon, is it memory that provokes them?
        "Hail, pale one! We have not forgotten.
Though our ways have changed, our hearts, our eyes,
Our voices belong to you alone."
Or do only humans contemplate mystery, and feel the movement of stars and the tug of the breeze in the depths of their being?

Howl at the moon tonight.

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