02 June, 2005

Holy bituminous tar-sands, Batman!

The hippo drops this bomb. ExxonMobil seems to have come on board with the crazy pulling-out-their-own-hair Cassandra-complex peak oil types; they now project oil production peaking in 2010.

I was hoping a stock-market crash would result from this news, but apparently not. No one seems to have heard. Anyway: YOU have now heard. Start building your oil-crisis bomb shelter now! Whoever has the most cans and cigarettes by 2010 wins!

Also, some of you better start looking into those thirty pigs you're going to owe me.

Haha! But, seriously, folks. Can we start taking this stuff seriously now that it's been legitimized by a giant evil fucking oil company? Like, how about that rail infrastructure? And when are they going to realize that driving cars in the city just doesn't work?

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