09 June, 2005

If only we had a "wanker of the day" award

Marshall Grossman.
The turf battles over Malibu's oceanfront ... what is public and what is private ... property owners bringing in heavy equipment to scoop up tons of public beach and pile it onto their property ... skip loaders have erected a massive ridge of sand between the ocean and the community ... the arrival of earthmoving machinery has raised a new array of issues ... Marshall Grossman, a Broad Beach homeowner and lawyer, said the intent was not to block public access, but simply to restore the sandy dunes in front of the homes that eroded during last winter's storms.

"When that happens, homeowners bring their own sand back to the dunes or bring in replacement sand from the outside in order to restore the dune areas," Grossman said. "It doesn't interfere with public access at all because the dunes are simply restored to what they were."

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