08 June, 2005

"Safe" in the nation's capital

I made it to Washington, D.C., accompanied by fighter jets and an overheated Amtrak train. I drove 3,741 miles to get here and got to know exactly zero people well enough to get a phone number or e-mail address. I rode Amtrak for the last leg, between NYC and here, and made a couple new friends and got to know a semi-famous performer. But in the big interior, while not talking to anyone but the occasional gas station attendant, I had a lot of chance to listen to my WalMart (first thing I ever bought there) portable radio (the car radio was stolen before the trip). Here is what I learned.

  • Replace your car tires.
  • Risk-free moneymaking offer.
  • Jesus loves me.
  • Got smote someone or another with the help of the Maccabees.
  • The Spurs made it to the playoffs.
  • Liberals are in charge of the military, which is why "we" aren't yet "giving the Islamofascists all we've got."
  • Liberals are the only ones who care about the Geneva Conventions.
  • Those who follow the lord are likely to be persecuted
  • The U.S. is the underdog now
  • Architects from the AIA can help students perform
  • Generic drugs are tested by the FDA

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