21 June, 2005

The sprint

I've reached a critical point in my graduate career - I'm simultaneously at the nadir and the apex, and now I look forward to an exhilirating descent coupled with a grueling climb. An unfortunate property of such extremities is that one would rather linger there than move on; it's hard to find any joy in actual motion, physically slogging through the jungle, cutting your way through thorns and wading through mud. And somehow, the fact that completion is in sight is nearly tantalizing enough that it feels like actual satisfaction.

On top of this is the fact that I've historically avoided hard work. I've been extraordinarily fortunate in that I'm blessed with a combination of talent, parents who whipped my ass into gear, and a manic energy that imbues me with near-miraculous focus when the time comes for it. If not for this, I would undoubtedly be making my way as a shiftless layabout of some variety - stoner, philosopher, resident of my parents' basement.

Anyway... deep breath. Here I go.

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