28 June, 2005

What is 'Funny'?

It is alleged that this Jonah Goldberg column is hi-larious. However, I find it only to be hi-lariously badly written. Aside from the clumsy style and the parade of mixed metaphors (which, honestly, I probably can't complain about without removing the soot from my own face), and the fact that he delivers the punchline at the very outset of his column, there's simple incompetence. For example:
“It was nothing more than a kind gesture,” she explained with false modesty, “but at that moment Mr. Gore's act represented all that I yearned for — acceptance and acknowledgment.”
False modesty on someone else's behalf? Egad! One might even say that was... misplaced modesty.* And this! THIS is a sentence only Thomas Friedman could love:
The cart’s one wobbly wheel — going chapocketa, chapocketa, chapocketa — was onomatopoetically tapping out a small drumbeat for the forced march to oblivion of all we hold dear.
The real shame is, he's working with comic gold, here, a story about a tall wooden boy that actually moves and attempts to vocalize.

This, on the other hand, is actually funny.

* [Rimshot.]

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