08 July, 2005


Lest you (ye teeming masses) miss it in all the London-related cacophony, be careful to note that Iran and Iraq are taking the first bold steps towards greater cooperation. Jaafari is going to visit Tehran later this month with a delegation from Iraq, and Iran has agreed to provide training to Iraqi troops. This is certainly going to antagonize the U.S., but I think that's an unmitigated good. The more distance created between the Iraqi government and the U.S., and the less dependent it becomes on us, the better for all parties.

Also, while I'm mentioning Iran, Yoshie of Critical Montages has been doing a lot of cheerleading for recent elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who he feels is a lot more progressive in the pro-working-class, anti-neoliberal sense than some of the other "moderate" anti-clerical candidates. I'd like to be writing stuff of such depth, but unfortunately I suck. So just pretend that Yoshie is me. s/Yoshie/saurabh/g.

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