26 July, 2005

Get off the internet

Wolcott strikes again: the 101st Fighting Keyboarders are now the Couch Potato Pattons. Ouch.

But as Saurabh has pointed out before, there is a certain lack of vim on our side of the revolution, too. If religion was the opiate of the masses, the Internet must be concentrated Oxycontin. Because I have never seen such a bunch of doped-up activists on either side of this war.

So what should we call the people who spend their time looking at computer screens instead of, say, fucking shit up, or arguing with real live war supporters, or working on counter-recruitment, or just getting some sleep.

I would look for wit to my favorite snarky asshole right-wingers. But their terms for lefties are laced with fear and disgust at our supposed lack of concern about terrorism, rather than with good-humored amusement at our fecklessness.

So it's up to us. How about -- Hedgehog? OK, that wasn't very funny. How about the "Molotov CD-burners" who "picket lines of code" and "organize their desktops" while "pro-testing their motherboards"? Are we "memory stick radicals"? Or "link-lulled leftists"? Maybe we're "blue-screen black flaggers" or "blustering bloggers." Your thoughts?


Maybe I should follow your real advice and get some sleep, but I think link-lulled leftists is probably best.

I want to say somethign clever but I'm suddenly overcome with sadness. Was it really always this bad or did I just grow up at an unfortunate time? I'm not sure which possibility is worse. . . 

Posted by Saheli

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