13 July, 2005

How will they escape?

Sorry I've been MIA. No internet at home. No blogging at work -- I've burrowed my way into a major news organization.

Anyway, apropos of Saurabh's last post: Here in Warshington, the question on my colleagues' lips is, how will they squirm out of this one?

I think a really wingnut Supreme Court nomination would pull the headlines away.

Others worry that they'll have to spend time covering a Rehnquist resignation.

And if all else fails, there's always the Clinton option.

You know, as in "Iran is Bushese for Kosovo."

And meanwhile, am I the only one who thinks MoveOn.org and other liberal groups are moronic in pushing for Rove to quit? They should be pushing for him to get thrown in jail. Maybe he can take over Judy Miller's cell.

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