26 July, 2005

Labor splits

I was going to write about SEIU and the Teamsters splitting off from the AFL-CIO (with rumblings of UFCW and UNITE HERE to follow), but the Bengali version of me did it first.


"manic-depressive graduate student with delusions of overturning well- established social hierarchies through sheer weight of cynicism."

Are you sure you're not bangali? :) Maybe we're the same person. 

Posted by Saurav

Hmm, don't each of you look familiar. ;-)

The funny thing is I thought it was Bengalis who morphed Vs into Bs. .. 

Posted by Saheli

There's some interesting grammar here actually (well, if you're a dork):

The V in Saurav/Saurabh is a BH in bangla.
The V in Swati/Svati is a W in the English transliteration of Bangla but is a B in bangla used solely to provided emphasis (as in Biswa/Biswa).
And there is the other B in bangla which is actually pronounced like a B (as in Bangla).
From there's it's only one step to Kevin Bacon.

All this proves that, as far as I can tell, there is no rhyme or reason to the translation of the name saurav, saurabh, sourabh, sourav, etc.


Posted by Saurav

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