15 August, 2005

Everything...is under...control

So you remember that one time when your mom made, what was it, German sausages with home-pickled sauerkraut or halibut cheek crepes or some such inedible dinner and we in a teenage frenzy of carb-craving hormones snuck down to the kitchen even as she and your pop watched television and how we cooked up that pot of spaghetti? And how I needed to get it to the sink and strain it and that worked and then we were going to mix it with sauce and somehow I knocked something into somewhat and the ensuing crash could be heard across town lines? Do you remember what you said as you ran on tip-toes to your folks sitting in the parlor? Yes, you do: "Everything...is under...control."

Which is exactly what I thought when I read this.


On a less light (heavier?) note, this marine cracked , shooting a couple of kids after somebody threw a juice bottle through his window in the middle of the night.

I met a pretty cool guy who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and can now sleep 2-3 hours at a time before he wakes up with nightmares. 

Posted by Dan

In journalism school, one lesson from a court reporter was to hang on to the press releases and especially the photos of "officer of the month" in your local police department. Because they turn up with uncanny frequency in subsequent stories on police brutality.

"Cotnoir was awarded the 2005 Marine of the Year by the Marine Corps Times for his work retrieving remains and belongings of fallen soldiers, more than half of whom were killed in explosions.

''What you see out there, it's a real smash to reality," Cotnoir said in an interview with the Globe last year. He described retrieving charred remains or decimated bodies for a branch of the military whose credo is ''No one left behind."

Posted by hedgehog

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