04 August, 2005

George Galloway dust-up

Read this CT post, where some liberals get irate at GG for some recent remarks. Most of the comments are worth reading. I have nothing more to add.


I found this link  in the comments, a story about an American deserter. After reading the NYT piece linked earlier on this blog about the Americans who gleefully kneed a rural Afghan prisoner to death because they thought it was funny that he called out for God when they attacked him, I thought I was through having my stomach turned by war stories.

But that link literally made me feel queasy. If they turned that guy's story into a movie, nobody would let it be rated NC-17, it would be XXX, and not for sex. That stuff brings horrifying to new levels. I'm really disturbed--and even more disturbed that I know I have to get over it.

And then they get mad at George Galloway for figuratively comparing imperialism to rape. Get mad at the fucking rapists first. 

Posted by Dan

Dsquared subsequently had a partial change of heart. When he found out about Bliar's new crackpot laws, he wrote this comment  on Lenin's Tomb, a pro-Galloway blog.

Loony and wingnutty as it sounds, I think the biggest problem with liberals is a lack of moral clarity. Like Dan said, how can they possibly get mad at Galloway. This urge to always have a sensible position leaves them making false equivalences.

Posted by Harry

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