16 August, 2005

Giving it back to the people

As penance for my unforgivable advertising-related rant of yesterday, I present this eulogy of a bit of viral marketing.

You see, the Saab Corporation has decided that the corporate world has subsumed the individual, and we are in grave danger of being drowned in a big wide sea of Same. Thus, they urge you to Maintain Your Identity. Because, "You are different. So is Saab."

You'd imagine that most people would respond to this sort of nonsense by flying into a violent rage and rushing to their nearest Saab dealership to bludgeon the hapless automobiles into their component parts with a heavy metal crowbar. I, however, respond with gratitude that they provide a space where we can learn how other people express their individual natures. Isn't that great? Now evil fucking corporate ad execs can tell us how to be DIFFERENT, as well as how to conform! I'm also startled to see that all these individualists live lives remarkably free of profanity, drug use, public nudity and anti-establishment rhetoric. And none of them want to take the piss out of Saab, either! Awww.


They went to lengths I haven't see before to make their little shockwave files hard to save for later viewing. How can I maintain my identity without the reminders? I know this much : without the reminders, Saab is unlikely to have any of its products become part of my identity maintenance-related program activities. 

Posted by Harry

Even your tasty morsels of chocolate will be assimilated . 

Posted by hedgehog

I liked the citigroup ads better that told me that money wasn't important. 

Posted by Saurav

But did they act on that, Saurav? I didn't think  so. They kept the damn money and then oozed for more. Hypocrisy ! 

Posted by Harry

yes, but at least it was all in lowercase. lowercase makes everything better. it's the opiate of the readers. 

Posted by Saurav

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