04 August, 2005

It's baaaaaack!

Some things are too good to give up. Specifically, the phrase "War on Terror". It made a reappearance today, when George W. Bush used it to bitchslap Ayman al-Zawahiri, whose latest single says the U.S. should get out of Iraq.

He also said, and I swear to god, I couldn't make this up, "We are defeating the terrorists in a place like Iraq so we don't have to face them here at home." After this, he was NOT strangled by an irate Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, etc. In fact, there were no attacks on his person by any outraged Britons. Weird, that.

There's something rather desperate and pathetic about this, but what really irritates me is that the leader of the Free World feels such little constraint that he can continue to shovel the same shit, no matter how ripe it gets. No one is in a position to force Bush to justify himself. Meaning we've got a megalomaniacal, omnipotent monkey on our hands. All of which underscores the fundamental value of resisting concentrations of power.

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