31 August, 2005


(17:36:36) BuckyFull: dude
(17:36:41) BuckyFull: tell me something good
(17:36:47) Pld Kng: i have a bellybutton
(17:36:52) BuckyFull: um
(17:37:00) Pld Kng: that's honestly all i have anymore
(17:37:09) BuckyFull: where you at?
(17:37:14) Pld Kng: surreal doesn't even touch it anymore
(17:37:20) Pld Kng: i'm at my place
(17:37:28) BuckyFull: which is not in new orleans, obviously
(17:37:43) Pld Kng: baton rouge
(17:37:58) BuckyFull: ahoo
(17:38:08) Pld Kng: my parents house is pretty much gone.. no confirmation, but i don't need it
(17:38:15) Pld Kng: the hospital i was born at is completely gone..
(17:38:21) Pld Kng: so my history has been erased
(17:38:29) BuckyFull: you don't exist
(17:38:42) BuckyFull: everyone else okay?
(17:38:52) Pld Kng: i haven't heard from my sister since sunday
(17:39:02) Pld Kng: my brother since yesterday-ish
(17:39:06) Pld Kng: he's a pirate though
(17:39:10) Pld Kng: he'll be alright
(17:39:14) BuckyFull: pirate?
(17:39:21) Pld Kng: my parents are alright they're in alabama now
(17:39:32) Pld Kng: yarrr style
(17:40:13) Pld Kng: he rode out the storm in gulfport
(17:40:19) BuckyFull: this is some serious heavy shit
(17:40:25) Pld Kng: you don't have to tell me
(17:40:26) Pld Kng: honestly
(17:40:28) Pld Kng: you don't
(17:40:34) BuckyFull: i'm sure
(17:40:39) BuckyFull: i'm trying to get you to tell me
(17:40:48) Pld Kng: there's just nothing man
(17:40:57) Pld Kng: shell shocked would be a step forward
(17:41:14) Pld Kng: denial might be a survival trait
(17:41:20) Pld Kng: none of which i have
(17:41:42) BuckyFull: this is like something out of the Bible
(17:42:02) Pld Kng: soddom was a fairytale
(17:42:46) Pld Kng: erm sodom
(17:43:00) BuckyFull: so what's going to happen now?
(17:43:19) BuckyFull: i can't even comprehend
(17:43:26) Pld Kng: nothing for a long time
(17:43:39) BuckyFull: the whole city is gone... all those people, nothing to do, nowhere to go
(17:44:23) Pld Kng: well it's not totally gone, but it's certainly not there I'll give you that
(17:44:42) BuckyFull: looks pretty damn fucked from the pictures here
(17:44:47) BuckyFull: maybe they're sensationalizing it
(17:44:55) Pld Kng: they're downplaying it
(17:45:02) Pld Kng: that's the irony of it


Oh my wishes for your friend. . .oh my. . . 

Posted by Saheli

Oh wow... Tell him I'm sorry.. not that it will help any, but I am sorry. 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

I have family in gulfport too, and now I've heard from most of them. Thankfully. I hope you get in touch with your friend soon. I know what you're feeling right now. 

Posted by John M Osborne

According to google, this is the only place on the internet that uses the letter sequence
" Pld Kng "

what's a pld kng? 

Posted by rathaven

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