15 August, 2005

New poll

That old one went okay.


I cast my vote, but next time, I must insist you use approval voting . In this case, for example, suppose I believe that, while we are in an interplanetary war with some hostile/sensible/superior alien ant species, we will get so drunk on beer that the moon will hit our eye like a big pizza pie, thanks to a freak power outage I caused. What should I vote for on your plurality ballot? 

Posted by Dan

Dan, the poll uses whatever system the responder chooses. If you think it should use the approval system, just vote multiple times (but only once per entry!). If I think it should use the Tammany Hall system, I'll vote twice on for my late grandfathers and round up some immigrant friends and get them to vote en masse for one option.

The key here is to avoid any kind of consistency; we're American voters after all. 

Posted by Saurav

"Interplanetary war with hostile/sensible aliens "

I had to go with that one, for reasons I'm not at liberty to share. 

Posted by Harry

for future reference does Me refer to Saurabh or the poll-taker or is it purposefully ambiguous? 

Posted by Saheli

On credit. 

Posted by hedgehog

Saheli: yes. 

Posted by saurabh

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