03 August, 2005

Our President continues to suck

So, yes, our president came out and said he's in favor of teaching "intelligent" design "theory" in our schools, so that kids can "understand what the debate is about." You'd think this would make me angry, frothing at the mouth so intensely that you might think I had accidently squeezed an entire tube of Crest onto my toothbrush and then run out of the bathroom en brushant to answer the phone.

But, no. In fact, this does not surprise me. Why should it? Did we ever really doubt that this particular bit of idiocy was one our President would subscribe to? Not hardly. As evidence, I submit the picture above. I had not a moment of doubt that my Google Image Search for "bush dunce" would turn up scads of hits. Inconceivable that it could be otherwise. But boy are we outraged.


Speaking of... I've been meaning to provoke your outrage. Guess which member of your family believes in Intelligent Design? Your atheist Brother-in-Law, that's who! But wait until next weekend when we're on I-80 for four straight days before you try to debate him on it.

Personally, my problem with the intelligent design theory is that it's too much of a compromise. You want to beleive that God created the Earth in seven days? Wonderful. Take it up with your Minister. You want to believe that we are the product of milions of randm mutations throughout the millenia? Wonderful. Take it up with your friendly neighborhod scientist. Just don't think you're fooling anyone by trying to get the scientist and the minister to agree on something.

Remember Tycho Brahe? Yeah, didn't think so. He tried to find a compromise between the Copernicans and the Church. Both sides laughed at him. 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

I-80 4 days straight? Ending where?

Who could forget Tycho Brahe and his silver nose?! 

Posted by Saheli

Intelligent design is very seductive if you want to marvel at the complexity of it all. I don't scoff at or fear people who believe it for nonideological reasons and haven't been exposed to refutations of it. It is, though, incorrect :) 

Posted by Saurav

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