16 August, 2005

Shampoo diary

I swear to god the following is true.

I found a new bottle of shampoo in my shower this morning, even wierder than the last one. It's "Giovanni magnetic hair care" shampoo. It promises "Magnetically charged hair care for naturally beautiful hair".

The blurb on the back says:
This dynamic shampoo's cleansing power comes from deep within the earth. Magnetite, a polarizing mineral that infuses positive energy while repelling negative charges, combines with special cleansing and conditioning forces. Proteins fill in ravaged hair to smooth and soothe. With each shampoo, hair feels stronger, looks better. Micro-magnets expel oils and residues. Damage is repaired. Shine is an absolute blast. This is the positron effect of Energizing Shampoo.
On the front is one of Maxwell's equations (only not):

And, yes, in the list of ingredients, they do indeed include "Magnetite (Fe3O4)".

I really don't know what to say.


It's the shampoo Peace Moms prefer, saurabh. Though why anyone would use shampoo when there's so much of the real stuff available remains a mystery to me. 

Posted by Harry

You and your shampoos. My shampoo  is built on nothing but the soundest principles. All-One or None! 

Posted by Dan

Hmm .I think I left my comment at the old shampoo link, which is more explicable. What I was going to say is that what you really need to worry about is why your signficant other/roommate/housekeeper/friendly neighborhood intruder is stocking your shower with such odd shampoo.

Harry: eww.

Dan: heh, that stuff is wonderful for most things, but eek! on your scalp? In my case, at least, flake city.

Triva: The word hampoo is an Indian contribution  to English. It sounds like the word is distinctly related to chappati, for flat bread. I'm going to start a brand of shampoo called Tortilla Massage. I promise I won't advertise except by leaving long winded comments, saurabh.

Posted by Saheli

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