30 August, 2005

This blogging stuff is hard work!

It's been a slow week here at Ranch Rhinocrisy, somewhat because of scattered depression, partially because of doing some actual work. But mostly it's because I think I've run dry of material. See, there's only so much stuff worth writing about. And I only know a tiny fraction of that stuff. Plus whenever I want to be witty and urbane, I have to go look 'urbane' up in the dictionary to make sure that's what I actually want to be.

I feel this is an unreasonably high standard I'm holding myself to. After all, the rest of the euphemism is full of trash, pretty much. I mean, check out this gibberish I found on someone else's bleg: "Hoy solo me levanté de mi cama sin ningun otro motivo que el seguir viviendo lo ke me a tocado vivir..." Just some nonsense words strung together! And this guy wrote pages and pages of that. If that person is allowed to get away with such nonsense, I feel I should be able to lower the level of my own disquisition* without impugning my own honor.

That said, on to the meaty prose:

Zeppelin rules!

* Don't worry, I looked it up first.


Yeah, I ran out of material weeks/months ago. It's kind of sad, but at least I get to post pretty pictures and quotes now. And once in a while I find something new to say (okay, not really, but I can convince myself at the time :).

Anyway, you could always look at this as a way to stimulate discussion. 

Posted by Saurav

I probably ran out of material too, but I think the key is not seeing it. :-)

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Can only offer wishes for productive work and similar antidotes. Sour candy, for example, helps me sometimes.  

Posted by Saheli

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