12 August, 2005

Time to go

I am about to be ungainfully unemployed and flailing for interesting projects. (I guess I'm not qualified to work in a growth industry. I am thinking seriously about pawning my books and CDs and climbing gear and burrowing to a more overt dictatorship like Indonesia where you at least know the fricking rules.

Why would a hedgehog abandon the nation-ship that has nurtured him through his adult life? Because it is being run into the rocks. A few items of recent horror:
  • A TV network devoted to abusing religious sentiment in order to manufacture new Republicans. (Their broadcast of this pornography is just one of their absurdities. Note that their top-billed station is this pack of lies.
  • Fascism on the rise.
  • My growing sense that everyone I know with a modicum of conscience is on psychiatric meds, perhaps to keep themselves from committing acts that are illegal to so much as write or link to on the Internet.
  • My own gradually disintegrating sense of humor. What's that? "What sense of humor?" Good question.


Unemployment is an incredibly painful experience. Selling your possessions so you can survive is humiliating. Yet there are people out there still refer to the unemployed as "slackers", etc. I've been there (I am unemployed again this month, actually). Good luck to you.

Posted by GrrlScientist

Yes, please do keep the faith. Even if in another country (preferably one where you have dual citizenship and are eligible for welfare/unemployment benefits :) 

Posted by Saurav

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