17 August, 2005


I'm not usually one for mindless gossip and Nelson Muntz-style ha-ha-ing, but this is deeply fucked up. Somehow I missed this. SOMEHOW THIS MAN IS STILL A SENATOR OF THE UNITED STATES. Fucking Pennacchio now.

It occurs to me that this sort of thing is now actually pretty prosaic. The political sphere is such a parade of the bizarre that someone who is not deeply neurotic and borderline schizoid is the frightening oddball. "What the hell is wrong with you? You have no deep character flaws! No hideous deformed skeletons in your closet! No eating disorders or morally scandalous secret pastimes! No idiosyncratic, alienating political or religious views! You, sir, are not fit to be a Congressman!"


I'm not suggesting a conspiracy (well, not much), but if I wanted to keep people wedded to a bad system, I'd force an electoral choice between a sane authoritarian and a batshit crazy, severely stupid ghoul. It's a no brainer -- with my deepest sympathy to any zombies reading this -- for just about everyone. 

Posted by Harry

Still but no I gotta say, it does indicate that Santorum at least has a bit of integrity about the whole 'a fetus is a living thing' business. Y'know, living his beliefs and all that.


Posted by Wax Banks

Yeah, sure, but now dead fetuses are people too? Would he have taken his dead father home and slept with the cadaver? Can you say, like, freakshow? 

Posted by hedgehog

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