03 September, 2005

Abstinence ed goes global

If I were in Uganda this week, I'd certainly be asking what influence Christian missionaries had on the government's decision to warehouse 30 million condoms while people caught AIDS.

Not that the "health and Aids campaigners" quoted would be entirely wrong in blaming the choice on the USA:
Health and Aids campaigners in Uganda are threatening legal action against the government unless it releases 30m condoms which they say are in storage.

They say government policy on Aids has changed to reflect an American demand for a greater emphasis on abstinence.


I fail to understand why American demands for ANYTHING affect how another country deals with its internal problems. 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

i dunno, i'm a subterranean mammal. but i figure it has something to do with foreign aid. it's amazing how much power a rich dude can have over a poor dude, especially when the poor dude is broke and grievously ill. 

Posted by hedgehog

That's incredibly obnoxious especially given that previously Uganda had been one of the only mildly "successful" (well, not so hideously failing, more like it) African countries at combatting its AIDS epidemic precisely b/c of celebrated frankness about distributing condoms.


Posted by Saheli

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