29 September, 2005

Hey you! Where do you think you're going with that goalpost?

When I was a kid, using computers made you a dweeb, and especially dweebie activities included playing computer games, participating in online discussion boards and having dweebie conversations on the Internet about books, movies, etc. This was a thing of shame, a lesson which eventually I internalized.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line society seems to have pulled a classic bait-and-switch and run away snickering, leaving me confused and holding a damp banana.* Suddenly, it's perfectly normal to participate in discussion groups on the Internet. Now everyone uses little chat-gadgets to communicate with friends long-distant, and having Internet buddies does not pigeonhole you as some greasy-forehead Lord of the Rings fanboy. Suddenly, LIKING THE LORD OF THE RINGS IS COOL.

What remains consistent is that I am socially maladjusted.

* You know this old favorite gag, I'm sure.


What's wrong with holding a damp banana?  

Posted by Saheli

Errr... why did I just read an article on Time.com that says the exact same thing you just did?

Plus... dude! I'm going to miss Serenity , just like I missed Hitchikers' and Sith! I'm such a geek-wannabe! 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

By retaining your cool despite threats of rejection and even physical assault, you moved the goalposts yourself.  

Posted by hedgehog

Eh? Not neccessarily (did I spell that right?). In my society, Lake Forest, IL, people are 'cool' if they 'go to town' on friday afternoons and watch 'Just like Heaven' on the weekends and spend their spare time kidnapping friends and finding even more ways to procrastinate from doing their homework with social activities. I'll admit, the whole geek/hacker/nerd thing has gotten more chic than before, but a little more transformation is needed till the mutation is complete. 

Posted by Nikhil Mulani

i don't know the banana joke either!

explain, or at least give a URL. 

Posted by aram

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